• Mandoon Estate, Caversham

    Mandoon Estate, Caversham

  • 2nd Ave Plaza, Mount Lawley

    2nd Ave Plaza, Mount Lawley

  • Pilbara Wireline Services

    Pilbara Wireline Services, Osborne Park

  • Cale House, Midland

    Cale House, Midland

About Us

Spyda Construction has a clear objective to establish itself as an innovative and resourceful building company that is able to offer cost effective solutions while maintaining a strong emphasis on quality.

Our focused approach during design and construction ensures that each component of the process is carefully managed to reflect the design brief and budget of the client, while identifying and resolving any major challenges that may arise.

As the complexities of construction are constantly evolving, Spyda Construction acknowledges that each commercial development is very unique by nature, therefore requires an individual approach that is specifically tailored to suit each project.

Our highly motivated and experienced team are carefully selected to suit each project, from design through to on site supervision, which ensures a ‘hands on’ approach from all team members as well as providing clear lines of communication between the builder and client.