Spyda Construction is a commercial construction company that offers a range of services such as design, construction and project management.

Our highly motivated and experienced team are committed to providing a fully transparent building experience, which is built around developing strong client relationships through excellent communication, service and a high quality product.

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This process involves input throughout all phases of the project, commencing at the conceptual design stage to develop the client brief and continuing through the construction phase until practical completion.

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We will work closely with the client and their design team to deliver a project as the builder, in compliance with budget, program and quality expectations.

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We can provide a service to oversee the delivery of any project on behalf of the client, by managing the relevant consultants, subcontractors and suppliers during the design and construction phases of the project.

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As a builder, we understand that the design process is critically important to the success of a project and that the decisions made at the initial stage will influence the functionality, cost and quality of the final product.

It is for these reasons that the Design & Construct building method is recommended as an efficient form of construction, as we are able to work closely with the client during the design development phase, to prepare a client brief, concept drawings and a feasibility budget. This ensures that the client receives maximum value, by exploring the most suitable construction methods and materials to suit their building requirements and allocated budget.

Our design and construct package includes design development plans and budget costings, approvals for all statutory requirements and permits, a full set of project documentation and the project management of the construction process.

Competitive Tenders.

Spyda Construction is available to tender on most suitable projects in the retail, industrial, commercial, hospitality and community sectors.

Our experienced team of subcontractors and suppliers provide us with a level of consistency in the quality of workmanship, at market competitive pricing, which enables us to provide a cost effective product for architects, developers and private investors.

We are able to work in closely with the client and their design team, to ensure that we deliver each project to the highest level of quality, while maintaining compliance with the budget and time constraints during construction.

Project Management.

With extensive experience across a diverse range of projects, Spyda Construction is able to provide technical expertise and client support in a project management capacity, to oversee the delivery of a project on behalf of the client.

By carefully selecting the most appropriate consultants, subcontractors and suppliers to suit each project, we are able to manage the design, approval, administration and construction phases of the project, to ensure compliance with all statutory requirements and the client’s design brief.

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